Tips on How to Feel Productive and Positive during post-concussion syndrome.


My main takeaway for you today is to do what makes you feel productive and positive.

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Know that your definition of what is productive for you is personal and may change day to day –  one day being productive for you will be simply that you gave yourself grace and permission to be exactly where you are.


Do what ever tasks, social events, activities and jobs you enjoy doing, the ones that allow you to feel productive and easy.


Don’t allow feelings of self judgement, no feelings of not good enough, live with self love and compassion. What works for you will change daily and your productivity may be a work project, attending a social function, cooking, cleaning, getting all of your physio or vision therapy exercises done….the list goes on and on.

Find what lights you up, decide the way you want to feel and the type of feelings you want to radiate then do the things that support that. Do what lights you up and doesn’t drain your energy.


Listen to your body and pace yourself.


THEN, (here’s an exercise) Let’s do this right now….

 At the end of each day:

Write down 3 things that you succeeded at that day – everyday, write down these positive things that you did.  Then on the days that your symptoms are really flared up, when you have a wicked headache or you are forgetting your words or you are having trouble with what should be simple cognitive processing, you will have reminders of the things you can do and all of the little successes along the way will be right in front of you in black and white.


FEEL all the feelings, allow yourself to feel – you can’t stuff your feeling down or away, they will only come back. Talk to a professional or a support group, online or in person.

Write/journal/acknowledge the feelings talk with a trusted friend, someone that you can be honest with. My husband – he’s so there for me and helpful. Friends that know me well – give example.

When you find yourself stuck try to reframe the situation.

My mantra that has really helped me is:

This didn’t happen TO me, it happened FOR me.


It wasn’t always easy to say that or think that but I knew with everything in me that if I stayed stuck complaining and not seeing the bright side I would suffer – and who wants to do that?

We have to raise our standards and realize that our minds are precious real estate and the thoughts we think shape so much of our daily life.

If I didn’t actively look for new opportunities and at what I had created instead of what was left behind, I would be sucked into a darkness – and I had been there when I had to announce my classes would be cut at the studio, and I definitely wasn’t going back to that level of despair.

If you had to give up school, a job, a career, a business or relationships due to post-concussion symptoms or any medical condition, then you can relate – there’s and undeniable grief with that. So rely on your fantastic support system, ask for help and enjoy life!

Reach out to me any time for tips on how to feel productive and positive through post-concussion symptoms.