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This initiative comes as a follow up to our appearance on REALTalk with Sarah where we presented on Traumatic Brain Injury & post-concussion healing & support. We realized we both had so much more help, information and advice to offer than could be presented in a half-hour. 

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Please share with your friends and family who may be struggling with persistent post-concussion symptoms.  There is so much that can be done to gain improvements and we look forward to sharing this information with you.


In this episode of Concussions Anonymous. we cover our top tips for what to do during the first few weeks after a concussion.

Watch the show here.


My top tips for the first few weeks are:


  1. Breathe –  relax, the only thing you can control is your breath. Use mantras to calm your brain. TRY this: inhale peace, exhale health, inhale healing, exhale pain, inhale a bright light surrounding you, exhale healing light is surrounding you.


2. Pray –  to whomever you believe in Universe, God, Source, Mother Earth just start praying for health and healing and pray that whatever you are meant to learn from this that you will learn quickly the first time around. There are no coincidences and this didn’t happen by an accident, as much as it would appear on the outside. Be open to learning what it is that you are meant to learn with this sudden change in life, duties and roles.


3. Meditate – daily meditations to help calm your mind and body. It’s proven to work. Use the app insight timer, free meditations on YouTube and I personally love meditations by Kate Butler she’s my amazing publisher there’s two courses I’ve done with her one is called A Pathway to Miracles all that meditation and daily routine II I’m currently enrolled in its called Meditate To Activate and I will drop the link to both of those courses in the comments below.


4. Mantras –  my most helpful mantra was truly believing that this didn’t happen TO me it happened FOR me and I talked a lot about this in my chapter that I wrote in the best-selling book called Women Who Inspire.  You can get the book on my website at directly to you.  

Other mantras; I am healthy I am always taken care of I am healthy and strong.


5. This one might be hard to follow but it is imperative and something I was very stubborn on – Get off your phone & NO screen time, light, flicker from screens, the emotional response to stimuli that we get from being on social media, reading emails, searching the internet, the fatigue we get from content switching while scrolling social media & seeing so many different topics.

Think about how you feel when you are scrolling and you read a post about this or that and your emotions are suddenly all over the map – it’s simply not healthy and so fatiguing on the brain.


6. Limit decision making; this one is HUGE!! I’ll give you some examples:

Clothes –  make it as simple as you can for the clothes that you are going to wear and if you are a parent get someone else to pick out your children’s clothes.

Food –  limit having to decide what you’re eating having to make it avoid following recipes there’s again so much brain power required to read and compute all the things necessary to follow through on a recipe.  No multitasking right now.

Stores –  avoid shopping, driving being in big open rooms, light, noise, socializing with people, movements, visual distress of pattern flicker – all of the stimulation, overload!

Avoid sorting laundry (planning, moving your head around).

Avoid planning & thinking for making lunches.  

Rethink talking on the phone,  limit socializing – VOXER instead – find 2 people right now –  one that can do errands for you and one that you can cry on their shoulder and get support these are the 2 people you need on VOXER to communicate with.


7. Ultimately,  “you have to learn to surrender to the pause”. Jack Canfield – Chicken Soup for the Soul – and have someone on board to help you do all of the above. 


Reach out to me for more tips and support. I currently teach Pilates at my home studio and I offer online sessions and I have a full online course that teaches all of these tips and goes into further detail on how to be productive and positive through post-concussion healing and there are Pilates classes within the course so that you can practice Pilates at home. 


Are you ready to return to the activities and things you loved doing before your concussion? 


Get the support and cheering you need to help with your healing. Let’s dive deeper into your posture, self care and learn daily healthy habits to help you heal.


You + me cheering + some things I know about post-concussion healing =


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