Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture Course


Enroll in the course Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture and learn tools and tips to feel productive and positive.

Go from chaos to calm with Pilates, Meditation & Mindset. Learn daily routines to improve your health today.


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Go from chaos to calm with Pilates, Guided Meditation, Mindset exercises, and meal prep BONUSES!

After teaching Pilates for 20 years and healing through persistent post-concussion symptoms I realized that so many people continue to deal with:

  • physical aches and pains
  • headaches
  • stiff muscles and joints
  • social changes and isolation
  • memory and cognition decline
  • communication issues
  • emotional stress
  • balance and strength decline


This online course gives you lifetime access to Pilates class downloads, Guided Meditations, Mindest exercises, and so many healthy eating BONUSES. Use these tools daily for new strategies to live with healthy habits, movement, meditation, and accountability.


With movement, meditation, and mindset you will be able to get clear on a daily plan for a Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture.

Join the course for Pilates, Meditations, Bonus recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, daily planner sheets, extra web classes, and more!


Module 1 – Daily Success Exercises

Module 2 – Breathing Exercises & Mindfulness Meditations

Module 3 – Pilates, Fitness & Optimal Posture

Module 4 – Daily Routines for Setting Intentions & Visualizations


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Pilates downloads, Guided Meditations, and so many BONUSES!

Our course Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture will give you daily tools and tips to feel productive and positive through post-concussion syndrome or any chronic illness that might be slowing you down.


What people are saying:


“I haven’t felt comfortable going to the gym or studios for exercise. The lights at the gym are too bright and trying to socialize with old friends at the yoga studio was just too draining.

I had given up on exercise for months because I didn’t know what to do – until your course. Being able to do Pilates at home and the extra support from the online group has been just what I needed to get my body moving without the added social & time pressures of going out for a class. My neck is moving better and I actually want to listen to the meditations – THANKS so much”. DL




Enroll today and go at your own pace. Daily routines, posture exercises, healthy recipes, and peer support.

Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture for Pilates, Meditation & Mindset.