Breathe Into Calm Course & Meditations


Go from chaos to calm with breathing exercises, visualizations, posture exercises, and guided meditations.


Go from chaos to calm with instant access to Breathing Exercises, Visualizations & Posture work to do anytime for inner calm, centering and grounding.

Breathing, Visualization & Posture


You will learn:


  • Ways to add instant calm to your day.
  • Breathing Exercises.
  • Visualization Exercises.
  • Gratitude, Goals & Focus
  • How community carries you further.
  • How consistency gives you confidence.

Breathing Exercises

Learn a variety of Breathing Exercises to access anytime for instant relaxation,  strength, and centering.


Use a variety of affirmations, mantras, intentions, and Visualizations for health, wellness, and success.


Review Static & Dynamic posture. Using the breath to focus on posture during exercise. Add posture exercises to decrease overall soreness.

PLUS Guided Meditations!