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30 Day Meditation Planner & Sunset Meditations


created by In Balance Pilates

Enjoy the view!

Video & audio Guided Meditations.

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inside the planner and presented below.

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Decide to listen to your meditations daily.

Use your daily PLANNER to put pen to paper and succeed with your daily plan.


Watch or listen to your guided meditations.


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accountability & community. Listen to the meditations daily!

BONUS Guided Meditations


Meditation For Loving Kindness

by Lisa Khera

Dropping The Suitcase of Worries & Regrets

by Lisa Khera

Let The Breath Be Your Anchor

by Lisa Khera

Schedule in time to do your breathing exercises also use them any time in moments of stress to get instant inner calm. 


If you would like to practice Pilates at home book a zoom session or enroll in the Self Study course Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture. It’s a 4 week program with Daily Success Exercises, Breathing Exercises & Mindfulness, Pilates, Fitness & Optimal Posture, Daily Pattern Stacking. The course was made to help you be productive & positive through post-concussion healing.