There are so many ways to stay inspired with your at home workouts. Find props that are fun and add a challenge to your fitness routine.


Stay on track with your fitness goals – the benefits are endless.


Thankfully there are so many exercise programs that you can do at home. Additionally, there are so many ways to add movement and fitness into your day with simple props. Here are some of my favorite Pilates must haves.



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Foam Roller





Small Stability Ball – the dreaded or magical PURPLE ball!!










PILATES on the BOSU workout – Essential





Intermediate PILATES on the BOSU workout





3 lbs. Toning Balls




STOTT Reformer

STOTT Pilates Stability Chair



Exercise Bands



Arc Barrel


Bands with door anchors.






Let me know what you have at home or what is on your wish list. I’m happy to send you exercise suggestions for your new props. If you have a Reformer at home we can meet via zoom for PILATES sessions. Book today!



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