Networking Nuances – set your energy right.


In-person events are excellent ways to connect with other podcasters, and with other potential guests for your show. 

Meeting new people at events is a great way to up your communication and listening game.  It’s a great way to continue working on your communication style, your presentation, and your professionalism and get your brand visible. 


Both online and in-person networking events are key to work into your monthly plan. It’s nice to have both but there’s nothing more truth-telling than the energy that spills out of others in-person. I strongly believe that your gut instincts are more in tune at in-person events, it’s much faster to notice those red flags and stay focused on the best possible relationship-building connections. 


The best thing is really getting in check with your gut intuition, your gut instinct, and being in the energy of others at those networking events. 


  1.  Pre-plan and prepare for the day in advance. When you are prepared you know when you’re going to complete your workout, breathing exercises and guided meditations. You already have that scheduled into your day so that you don’t let your day get away from you and your daily non-negotiables.


Be sure you have those scheduled in if you need any help with making meditation a daily habit, check out the Master Your Meditation Routine. It’s a 30-day planner that you pay for once and you can reprint and reuse monthly. There’s also a guided meditation library that you can access directly within the PDF. 


Try putting pen to paper to make meditation a daily habit, your workouts, and then check in with yourself. Be real. If you’re at a time in your life or you need some extra accountability, be sure to reach out. You can reach out to me when it comes to Pilates or reach out to any if you’re working with a personal trainer or any other workout buddies, right? 


Just make sure that it’s not getting pushed to the side. We all know how imperative it is to take care of yourself, to complete your self-care exercises. 


Prepare and plan all the things healthy, eating, getting enough water, really taking care of yourself, setting yourself up for success, for meeting new people, for thinking about just kind of what spills out of you as you meet new people, and being very aware, being really aware of just those intuitional things within your body. 


Listen to those gut reactions, we all remember the first time that we met someone, so just getting a little bit more in check and in tune with those first impressions is key to setting our energy intentions for the event.


Listen to your internal signals – look for internal reactions and that energy within your body.


You know if you meet someone and automatically you know you have butterflies in your stomach, it might be that there’s something there in terms of like a big collaboration or some type of work thing that is, you coming in the future. 


Listen to your internal guidance and be aware if you’re getting red flags about someone. Maybe it’s a business opportunity that someone’s asked you to do, but there’s something there that you know that’s just not the right thing for you at the present time. Listen to that gut intuition, if something is telling you to move on from the conversation, listen to those nudges. 


Being in touch with your, gut intuition is so key. I have found for the last few years when we were having to do many things online or at one point all things online, sometimes we’re kind of pigeonholed into a certain training or certain area or you just kind of showed up to the same things that you were always doing without really truly checking in if that was the best place for your highest good. 


Some people and places are just lessons and mirrors to our next level, not meant to be lifelong players in our lives. Lessons to learn – so get in check with your inner knowing and vow to learn the lessons faster to attract the best possible outcome for all involved. 


Now that we’re back into seeing people in the flesh, people right in front of us again, you can really take the time to listen fully and completely to the messages your body is trying to signal to you. Pay attention to that inner knowing. 


Pick and choose where you’re spending your energy, who you’re spending your energy around, and what you truly want to radiate toward others.  


How do you want to leave that person feeling when you leave the conversation? 


Be thankful for those gut intuitions that we get to feel around others and look for ways to strengthen your inner knowing. Being able to check into that energy is key to mastering your own Networking Nuances. A huge part of being able to check into that internal energy is knowing yourself from a body awareness approach. 


Having those base check-ins really allows us to tune in when something feels off or 100% right – you need this as you create new business collaborations and friendships.


The best way to get that internal base point comes from knowing your body from the standpoint of exercise, meditation, and energy. Getting in touch with how your body tends to feel on your own and then when you’re in the presence of others – tune into those subtle messages. 


Body awareness –  having the distinction between if your body feels tense because of the challenging workout you did or is your body feeling tense because it’s trying to signal to you a red flag to move on from. 


Is there something about this energy that my body is trying to signal to me that’s something to pay attention to? We need to be in check with our vibe, their vibe, the highest possible outcome, and the best-case scenario for everyone. 


Yes sometimes we’re there just to learn lessons from people, but let’s step up to the plate to be the best version of ourselves. 


So pre you’ve pre-planned your exercise, your meditation, and mindful movements or meditation. I mentioned planning your food and water so you want to be sure that you’ve taken the time to plan and prepare.


If you’re going to an evening thing and it’s just appetizers, making sure you’ve planned out that you’ve had a late lunch or an early dinner to get you through that those whole hangry feelings are true. 


Being well fed with good nourishing food that doesn’t upset your stomach or upset your body or cause any inflammation, and hydrating with lots of water. 


Another thing that you want to preplan is your clothes, your clothing, and your accessories. Outfits – make sure you have a backup plan if spill anything right before anything like that and plan your accessories and grooming. If you need to be sure your eyebrows are done. More lashes or guys if you like shave on certain days you’re planning out that grooming so that again everything just flows nicely on that day. 


If you’re working all day and then heading out to this networking event, you want to just make it as easy and simplified as you can so that you get there on time, you get there with ease and so that’s it for pre-planning, pre plan all the things that are just going to make that you getting to that event more efficient. 


Pre-plan your clothing, your accessories, what you’re eating, what you’re drinking, and your movements for that day.


If you are an introvert and going to events with a lot of people causes you to stress then use your go-to exercises to get those endorphins pumping, and get that circulation going again. Just getting that confidence building is so key so make sure you’re trying that out. 


If you want any extra Pilates, we have our monthly memberships to the virtual studio and we also offer ten class passes, so connect and join a class on zoom. We do also do some one-on-one so just get in there on the mat and get your body moving. I would love to help you. 


  1. Energy intentions.

Taking the time to set your intentions for the time of the event is imperative. Think about why you want to attend – are you going there with the intention to connect with old colleagues that you haven’t seen in a while? 


To meet new colleagues? Are you trying to land some new deals? 


Are you looking to land some new affiliates or perhaps new guests on your podcast? Are you looking to be a guest on someone’s show? Set that intention of who it is that you’re looking to meet at that event, and who it is that you’re looking to collaborate with or connect with.


Just having that intention in your mind for what it is that you’re hoping to get out of the event and what it is that you’re hoping to give to others. 


Are you there to share your helpful tools – If you’ve come across some new techie tools that are absolutely blowing your mind, and you want to make sure you share that with other fellow podcasters or entrepreneurs, set that intention to help.


If you’re in a mastermind or program that again, you’re just getting a lot of good insights with, have that focus for what it is that you want to get out there. And share with your colleagues and community as well. 


Try breathing exercises as you’re setting your energy intentions to really anchor in the calm. 


One of the very simple, easy breathing exercises we do inside Pilates For Podcasters, this one is called a Word Breath. It’s great to do if you’re stuck in traffic and you’re feeling a little bit stressed and you’re feeling like you need a way to calm down. Just simply doing this word breath. 


Inhale, you’re going to visualize a word on that inhale. And then as you exhale visualizing another word. You pick the words, doesn’t matter what they are. Whatever you need in that moment, give it to yourself through your thoughts and breath. 


You could inhale calm and exhale peace. You could inhale love and exhale safety, whatever those words are for you could inhale fun and exhale happiness. 


Word Breath exercise – It’s the quickest way to add inner calm and bring your focus and attention on whatever it is that you need in that moment.


Bring your attention back to asking: What do you want to radiate? 


Spend time thinking about those connections that we’re seeking out, collaborations, new deals, pitches, building and nurturing relationships. What is it that you want to radiate out? Are you there to connect others, to radiate your helpfulness, your supportiveness? 


  1. Know your triggers


           Traffic? Being late? Spilling on your outfit at the last minute? Feeling hungry?


Whatever that may be, take the time to think of what stressors may come up before the event and plan accordingly or have those go-to calming exercises to get your head in the game.


If you are the type of person that gets a little bit frazzled when stressed or your shoulders tend to start to get up by your ears when you are stuck in traffic or if all of a sudden you feel like traffic’s building and you might be late. 


Things that can trigger stress like unexpected traffic, not knowing where to park, or getting lost en route. If parking is ever a stressful issue for you, or it’s a new parking garage or it’s a new area and you’re unsure of where the parking is or how far you’re going to walk. 


Footwear – let’s just be real, how far are you going to have to walk in those heels?


So just being aware of what things might set you off.


If you have the most fantastic outfit on and you spill something on the way out the door or in the car. Would that piss you right off? If so, maybe you can bring a change of clothes just in case you needed them, right? 


So working with your strengths and weaknesses, understanding your personality, understanding what makes you tick. 


Is it the traffic? Is it someone holding you up? Is it you picking up your friend and they’re making you wait because they’re still changing or not ready yet? 


How can we simmer those triggers down? So if you know that you do get triggered or stressed out by traffic and being late, if that happens, how are you going to simmer down?


How are you going to keep that in check and breathe through it and know that you whatever is meant to be will be, whenever you’re meant to get there, you’ll get there? 


No stress.


Take a breath, and do whatever you can to ease into the moment.


Because many of us can feel the energy that is spilling out and coming off of each person. So being aware, checking in, and figuring out how we can ease some of those discomforts. 


Another thing to consider is how important it is to treat yourself right.


I’ve had people say to me that if they consider themselves an introvert and, you know, they don’t tend to like going places on their own and then they’re going to go and show up to this place where they don’t know anyone. I’ve had people say to me, that they are actually nervous that there won’t be a seat at the table for them.


The risk that no one will be welcoming and that they will arrive and no one will say “come on over, we have a seat for you here”. 


At the majority of networking events, people are all there for the same reason and they’re understanding and compassionate that everyone is ready to meet new connections and mingle.  


But at the same time, you know, if you ever do feel unincluded or left out, that it’s always a mirror of what’s within us, and again, what’s spilling out of us and how we’re really taking care of ourselves. 


So if you’ve ever had times in your life where you did go somewhere and you didn’t feel really included, I invite you to kind of look back and see where in your life were you perhaps not loving hard on your own self. 


Because again, how people treat us is just a mirror for what’s showing up in front of us. 


So if we’re not truly loving, honoring, supporting, and taking care of ourselves, it’s of course going to show up in what’s being placed right in front of us. The support or lack thereof from others just mirrors how we are internally showing up for ourselves. 


Once I deeply got that message it changed the game for me. I realized there were people in my life that weren’t there for my highest good only for the internal lessons. 


Then we can release the people, places and things that are there to teach you a deep lesson and move forward. 


The best way to be taking care of ourselves and nourishing our bodies and our minds is through exercise, meditation, actively seeking that support, actively working on your passions, your impact, and through being of service. 


Check into your why and again, what kind of legacy you want to leave. What kind of impact do you want to make? What kind of role model do you want to be? Maybe you are a mother or father or your parent. 


You want to radiate certain things for your children to look up to. You want them to see that you are capable of going out and getting new deals and meeting new business collaborations and opportunities. That you are ready and available to be of service to others and share other people’s businesses, helping other people get more visible. 


Take care of your posture. Take care of your body. Try the breathing exercises. When you feel like your shoulders are tensing up by your ears, or your back is feeling tense, or whatever the case may be, it’s always a reflection to stop and listen to your body.


Listen to what those signals are saying. Listen internally to those gut instincts, those red flags. We have them for reason. 


We’re again back in the energy of being in the room with people so that we can really kind of check ourselves and check the whole scenario, situation, and get a little bit more focus on intention and visualization. If you have something coming up, a huge thing that you are, let’s say you’re accepting an award for something you know, even just taking the time to visualize that if you have a speech that you have. 


Visualizing that going well, visualizing you getting through that with ease and grace, with no tension. 


Taking that time to see it, to feel it, to visualize it. Taking that time to practice some of those breathing exercises that can really just get you into that calming moment. Having those tools are such an excellent way to build that confidence and know that you can tackle whatever it is you need to tackle because you do have these tools to help yourself, and to help serve others. 


If you’re the type of person that likes to write down things that you’re thankful for and grateful for, add that networking to your list. Because as I said, you’ll be surprised at the number of soul connections, collaborations, and the community you get exposure to through networking events. 


Open your heart, open your soul and open your mind to the possibilities that new connections provide you through networking.


Massive love vibes for nurturing new business relationships, fostering new friendships, and being open to all of the networking nuances.


It’s so important to try new things and try new networking groups. So if you’re in an area where there’s a monthly networking meeting – sign yourself up!


Try out a few different things so that you’re not just only staying within one group and one, you know, few people really broaden your horizons. Use it as a way to challenge yourself to meet new people. 


The best networking opportunities feel like your meeting your business soulmates with instant connections, collaborations and community. The energy is palpable and you know you are exactly where you are meant to be. 


Set your intentions for service and connection then watch your world of connections multiply.


Setting that intention, and knowing your strengths and weaknesses.


It’s so true that you know, you always remember how someone made you feel.


Smile, check yourself and the energy that you’re carrying, that you’re shifting, that you’re pouring out, check in on your posture, thinking of that string lengthening us up through the top of our head with our Pilates posture. 


So get in that movement & meditation, it will strengthen your first impression gut instincts – and we need those for faster results. 


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