Lisa Khera is a certified STOTT PILATES, PiYo & Barre instructor in Ottawa, ON, who specializes in Matwork ®, Reformer ®, Cadillac ®, Chair, Barrels ® (Arc, Ladder, Spine Corrector ®), and Injuries and Special Populations.


Lisa Khera is the owner of In Balance Pilates, best-selling author, Pilates, PiYo, and Barre instructor in Ottawa, ON, who specializes in offering online support for those with persistent post-concussion symptoms.


Creator of the online breathing and posture program called Breathe Into Calm and Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture which offers at-home Pilates, Mindset, Meditation, community, and support. 




Lisa was a co-author in the best-selling book called Women Who Inspire — her story of resisting things in business until a concussion forced many changes and life lessons. 


Get the free Gratitude, Goals, Pilates, and Posture training and check out her submission for the book Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude – the Community Book Project. 


Lisa has taught Pilates for 20 years and offers online Pilates sessions and programs, learn more at Concussions Anonymous on YouTube and @Lisa Khera.


In 2000, Lisa started taking Pilates classes and Reformer sessions to rehabilitate a back injury. After suffering from low back pain she had to find an exercise program to ease her low back. She realized the many benefits Pilates provided for chronic injuries, stress relief and self care. Pilates proved to be an invaluable exercise for the entire body. It provided pain and stress relief as well as improved strength and posture.


In 2003, Lisa started teaching Pilates at a physiotherapy clinic, using her skills as a physiotherapist assistant and applying them to her Pilates classes. In July 2006, she opened In Balance Pilates where she continues to follow her passion for teaching others to improve their posture, core strength, and to use exercise for overall health and well being.


Lisa has completed extra certifications through Yoga Birth Method; The Fertility and Yoga Instructor course and Yoga Birth Instructor Course. The birth story of her first baby (Shay) is featured in Dorothy Guerra’s book: The Yoga Birth Method.


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Watch Lisa on REALTalk With Sarah where we talked about how to offer compassion to those with TBI and how to feel productive and positive through the healing process.









Writing is a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. Jessica shared how her own memoir writing was a healing process, and inspired her to create “Grit Matters,” a gratitude journal with journaling prompts to help others on their journeys.
Creating space for self-care is essential for growth. Jessica talked about the importance of exploring activities that bring you joy and rest, such as Pilates, yoga, meditation, and even horseback riding.



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