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You will find Interviews with fellow co-authors and people that treat post-concussion or have it themselves.

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Today I am honored to host Dr. Donna Maria Hunter is one of the co authors in the book Women Who Rise.

Here Dr. Donna tells us more about her life before becoming an author.


“I was a principal prior to being an author, I was an educator for 20 years in education, a principal and administrator and my credentials are in counseling as well. After that season ended, I would say, it was time to really, go inside do a little self searching.


But it was a friend and family member that really touched my heart that said you there’s something there that was still missing, although I thought I accomplished my goal and being a principal, being a leader, that there was also something there that I didn’t realize was there.


And that was a dream.


That was what propelled me into telling my story in Women Who Rise.


The scripture that really touched my heart was Isaiah 58:12.


“And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in”.


It teaches us about repairing the breach, and I literally had a moment in time where I knew that my heart had been repaired and I could go back and look back at the steps towards The repair. And one of those deep, deep, deep lost or I should say dormant dreams that you don’t always want to admit you have.


It was there was a healing that took place. And I think that was kind of the catalyst. But it was coming off of being a principle that made me stop, take a deep breath, and really look at life.


It was a perfect storm, the making of a storm that was coming into a good storm and it was the perfect time.


I mean, a god wastes nothing so the timing was absolutely perfect. I went from one thing right to the next and it was truly part of the healing process.


When you are going, as I say in some of my my teachings are rising and repairing with You’re repositioning and literally I had to reposition my entire career when in a different route.


When you are repositioning,  you have to have the ability to look back, you’ve got to gaze forward and you’ve got to glance back.


You’ve got to look at what’s occurred.


Whether it’s good, bad or ugly, you’ve got to look at it, you’ve got to give it a moment of grief or the moment of celebration that it needs before you can move forward.


The season prior to becoming an author, and living my purpose and in another route because I felt like I was purposeful in being a principal and being a leader.



That was not wasted. I don’t feel like I did the wrong thing or I was in the wrong place.


I was in the right place.


But when it was time to reposition that portion where you have that juxtaposition of my heart is broken and my heart is open. It’s right there and to reposition I just had to make Sure, I didn’t ignore what my heart longed for, or my heart did not get.


But in turning and looking towards what was now ahead of me, I wanted to give it as much energy as much heart as I’d given the last 20.

When you’re a different season in life, and you are a little bit older, you know that you can truly waste a lot of time staying in what was old or staying and looking behind you.


There is some good always and looking back, it’s just the portion where you stay with your head, turned the other way, you don’t always see the wonderful opportunities ahead of you.



Watch the full interview here.


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