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What an unreal journey it can be, maneuvering through post-concussion healing. I wish I hadn’t been so alone while I went through most of it and my wish for you is that you will reach out for support so that you won’t continue to feel alone and unsupported on this new road.

I would love to know what has been working and what has been challenging with your post-concussion healing. We have added more Pilates class downloads, more Meditations, more recipe ebooks, grocery lists and so many BONUSES to our online course and your answers are helping to add more value inside the library of resources.

I know forms and managing your time can be draining so I have some amazing

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Take what you need, pass on what you don’t. All answers are kept confidential.


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The answers are being used to update the most needed info for our post-concussion clients within our current online course. Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture is open for enrollment and it’s the best way to work with me if you are not local to Ottawa. Feel better today with Pilates, Meditation, Mindset and gratitude as we try more ways to promote post-concussion healing. Get added support in our online community – you don’t have to go through this alone.


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Join us inside Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture for daily healthy habits, breathing exercises, Pilates, Meditation – take control of your post-concussion healing by finding ways to be productive and positive through post-concussion healing. Start anytime and go at your own pace. Find an accountability partner and find your path to healing.