Breathe Into Calm

with Lisa Khera

Daily Calming Routines

Go from chaos to calm with instant access to Breathing Exercises, Visualizations & Posture work to do anytime for inner calm, centering and grounding.


Do any of these sound familiar? 


  • You are searching for easy ways to add calming routines to your day.
  • You often feel stressed and have found help when able to focus on your breath to relax.
  • You feel like you have too many things on your ‘to do’ list and need help feeling centered & focused.
  • You are looking for community & support.



breathe into calm

Breathing, Visualization & Posture


You will learn:


  • Ways to add instant calm to your day.
  • Breathing Exercises.
  • Visualization Exercises.
  • Gratitude, Goals & Focus
  • How community carries you further.
  • How consistency gives you confidence.


Show up and get used to the added support of a community with built in accountability.


Focus on the Results

Breathing Exercises

Learn a variety of Breathing Exercises to access anytime for instant relaxation,  strength and centering. 


Use a variety of affirmations, mantras, intentions and Visualizations for health, wellness and success.


 Review Static & Dynamic posture. Using the breath to focus on posture during exercise. Add posture exercises to decrease overall soreness.


What are the options?


Message if you would like the Private Program. Details here: 

4 Week 1:1 Program 

1 Per week Private session via zoom

Additional access to group coaching calls

Private Members only community with

additional LIVE trainings. 



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Breathe Into Calm 

Hello, I’m Lisa Khera

Owner of In Balance Pilates, Pilates Instructor, Author, online course creator, wife & mother of 2 boys.

I invite you to the online program  Breathe Into Calm, a program for people who want to feel calm & connected by using daily Breathing & Visualization Exercises while improving posture.  

I’ve owned In Balance Pilates since 2006 and I created the program Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture for post-concussion clients. 

I’m a best selling co-author of the book Women Who Inspire & part of the Inspired Impact Book Series


Who This Program Is For (And Who It’s Not For)


  • You are searching for easy ways to add calming routines to your day.
  • You often feel stressed.
  • You feel like you have too many things on your ‘to do’ list and need help feeling centered & focused.
  • You are looking for community & support.


  • Aren’t willing to make new healthy habits.
  • Aren’t willing to add personal development to your day.
  • Aren’t ready to make a change!


During these high stress times our breathe is so important! Even as a health professional who often walks my clients through breathing exercises, I learnt so much from this course. It will definitely change the way I focus on breath work moving forward. Lisa’s explanations are easy to follow and I absolutely love the workbook and can see myself using the breath prompt sheet in my daily practice.

Definitely worth the value and a course I will recommend to my clients without hesitation.

Cathy Richards, RD

Registered Dietitian

Lisa, this list is amazing.. Thank you for giving me this tool to open my mind and practice healing in so many ways. Within the first breath I already felt so much better and I can’t wait to try this everyday! The printout is so helpful to guide me. Feeling a lot of love around me and this practice is so grounding. Honestly, thank you! You are such a gift.

Krista Marchand

Actor, Coach & Trainer @kristamarchand,

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How long do I have access to the materials?

You have lifetime access to everything: the Video, PDF Workbook and all replays. 

What if I want extra support?

Get the Group Training & Coaching package for additional support. For more accountability and access to 1:1 support watch for the doors to open on our next round of VIP support. Sign up to be notified for the next available dates. 

Can I meet accountability partners in the Facebook community?

YES! You will meet new friends and collaborators for your future & continued success. Join the group today. 

I've had a concussion, which program is right for me?

All of our online programs would benefit you. Breathe Into Calm either DIY or the Group Training & Coaching AND our signature program called Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture. Pilates, Meditation, Mindset and Recipes for better brain health. Learn how to be productive & positive through post-concussion healing. Enroll today!

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