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Breathe Into Calm


created by In Balance Pilates

Download your video trainings, PDF guide and audio Meditations. 

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Breathing Exercises Video & Breathing Exercises PDF Workbook 

Guided Meditations 


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accountability & community.

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Download your PDF.

Plan out your healthy living. Schedule in your movement, meditation, mindset and optimal health.

If YOU need a planner, get instant access to our Morning Rituals Planner.

✓ You will learn how to implement a new empowering morning ritual & set goals the right way.

✓ You will be able to have a powerful WHY statement which will help to drive up your

motivation levels each day so that you can tackle anything in the pursuit of your goal(s).

✓ You will learn morning rituals that you need to avoid.

Or use any planner you have on hand!




Watch the video below.


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accountability & community. Listen to the meditations daily!


Listen to the meditations daily! Use the guided meditations below and add our Sunset Meditation series to your 

meditation library and set time in your schedule to do this self-care activity.

Watch the video training here: 


Guided Meditations 


Meditation For Loving Kindness

by Lisa Khera

Dropping The Suitcase of Worries & Regrets

by Lisa Khera

Let The Breath Be Your Anchor

by Lisa Khera


Schedule in time to do your breathing exercises and use them any time in moments of stress to get instant inner calm.  Grab our Morning Rituals Planner and make scheduling in health a fun and easy part of your day.


If you would like to practice Pilates at home book a zoom session or enroll in the Self Study course Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture. It’s an online program with Daily Success Exercises, Breathing Exercises & Mindfulness, Pilates, Fitness & Optimal Posture, Daily Pattern Stacking.



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In Balance Pilates offers unique programs that combine Pilates, breathing exercises, and mindfulness techniques to help you move better and feel better.
A carefully designed series of workouts will show you how to get stronger, more flexible, and live a healthier life.
We use the most up-to-date methods in fitness science to help you achieve your goals.
The online program combines the proven power of Pilates with breathing exercises that help calm your stress response system while increasing your flexibility & mobility – all while still feeling like you’re having fun!
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BONUS Sunset Meditations


Get ready to experience the sunset. You are moments away from the immersive meditation experience.

Your mind is about to unlock immense power with our Sunset Meditation series, filmed at beautiful Sandbanks beach in Ontario, Canada.

Unwind and relax at the soothing sounds of the waves, and with soothing imagery in your private, personal meditation room.

We want to help people embrace the power of introspection with our Sunset Meditation Series.


Thank you for getting started with our program Breathe Into Calm! Let’s stay connected.