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Pilates, Meditation & Mindset can help.

The results with our self study course called Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture have been incredible.

Students have found more calm in their day as they have go to Pilates exercises, Meditations and Mindset exercises to live a healthy, optimal life.

I love taking self study courses but what I have noticed over the years is that the courses I have completed in a live format, with the instructor, in a sense beside me, leading a group of us all learning together have always given me faster more lasting transformations.

With more help we get faster results and form lasting healthy habits.

Join me in our 5 week Live Program Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture.

Get instant access to the self study course and our private online group for accountability and support running through the entire program together.

Doors open: Friday December 27, 2019

Doors close: January 5, 2020

We start on: January 6, 2020

-Learn ways to move your body with Pilates

-Get instant stress relieving breathing exercises

-Have instant access to the entire HB & Body Self study course

-Feel instantly calm with Meditations & Mindfulness exercises

We start January 6 – but you get instant access to the group for a special early access when you purchase anytime during the doors open starting December 27 and doors close January 5, 2020.

The content is taught over 5 weeks but you will have lifetime access to the material.

(The earlier you decide the more extra help & time you get within the group).

See you inside the program!


P.S. When you join, you will be sent a link to the course to create a user name and login and you can dive right in to the content. You will also be sent an invite to a private Facebook group where you will get extra support through Q & A sessions, extra bonuses and I am so incredibly confident that you will find the support you need to live a healthy optimal life with in this group – the answers are already inside of you – you just need a strategy and support system to make these new healthy habits a non-negotiable.


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Healthy Brain & Optimal Posture course

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