About the Owner

Lisa Khera is a certified STOTT PILATES instructor in Kanata who specializes in Matwork ®, Reformer ®, Cadillac ®, Chair, Barrels ® (Arc, Ladder, Spine
Corrector ®), and Injuries and Special Populations.

In 2000, Lisa started taking pilates classes and reformer sessions to rehablitate a back injury.  She realized the many benefits pilates provided for chronic injuries.  Pilates proved to be an invaluable excercise for the entire body.  It provided pain and stress relief as well as improved strength and posture.

In 2003, Lisa started teaching pilates at a physiotherapy clinic, using her skills as a physiotherapist assistant and applying them to her pilates classes.  In July 2006, she opened In Balance Pilates where she continues to follow her passion to teach others to improve their posture, core strength, and to use exercise for overall health and well being.

Lisa's approach is to have small classes (8-10 students for Pilates, max 12 for Zumba) to provide specialized pilates workouts.  Small classes ensure safety as she can monitor correct posture, breathing and muscular recruitment.

Lisa specializes in Pre and Post natal Pilates and has completed extra certifications through Yoga Birth Method (www.yogabirthmethod.com)

The Fertility and Yoga Instructor course and Yoga Birth Instructor Course

Lisa used The Yoga Birth Method and her knowledge of Pilates to have a natural unmedicated birth of her first baby. The birth story of her first baby (Shay) is featured in Dorothy Guerra's book: The Yoga Birth Method.

Classes at In Balance Pilates will leave you feeling revitalized and balanced.



Lisa Specializes in:



Cadillac, Chair & Barrels (Arc, Ladder & Spine Corrector)

Injuries & Special Populations


Dynamic Balance – Pilates on the Ball

Roll Into Shape (Foam Roller)

Toning Ball Workouts

Flexband Exercises

Fitness Circle Exercises

Postural Analysis

Rehabilitation Pilates

The Lumbo Pelvic Region: Stability & Function

The Shoulder Girdle: Stability & Function

Functional Fitness for Golf with Matwork

Functional Fitness for Golf with Reformer

Functional Fitness for Raquet Sports with Reformer

Prenatal Pilates

Post-Natal Conditioning